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  • Snuff bottle collection by the fine decision, it is best not to abuse; do not buy irons at an unreasonable price, should wait for the opportunity, can not take appropriate action. Emerald snuff bottle is not afraid of sweat. Alkali and ammonia. In particular, "old pit glass jade" and "ice jade" should avoid the use of grease, so do not put the cigarette bottle in the smoke, do not sun. After each mouthwash with a snuff bottle, wipe with a soft cloth, do not use any chemical detergent or other detergent for washing. Before spraying air fresheners, glue or indoor use of pesticides should be collected before the snuff bottle, so as not to splash. The snuff bottle itself has pores or delicate texture, such as turquoise snuff bottles, to avoid close to smoke or steam. Smoking can not close the snuff bottle to prevent color from blue to grayish green. Do not put snuff bottles under high humidity. At high humidity, the turquoise snuff bottle will become pale. The famous snuff bottle of the Qing Dynasty can not be exposed to strong sunlight because the infrared will increase the internal humidity of the snuff bottle, molecular activation, solution molecules, internal stress changes, cracking or warping; UV may damage the color of the snuff bottle. Therefore, the snuff bottle should not be in contact with natural light, but also to avoid the light, sunlight or ultraviolet light. Place the glass case is preferably plexiglass. Collect suggestions. Shanghai Wang Ding collection expert advice: from the fine decorative materials, technology and famous artists comprehensive selection of snuff bottles. Technically, the interior of the glassware more, porcelain mainly use pastels, color enamel technology; rare materials in the market more popular, such as Hetian jade, old glassware and Qing Dynasty porcelain.

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